Hello, friends! I’m the playful prankster, Cocomong. I used to be a bean sausage, but…TADA~ now I’m a monkey. Heh heh~ I’m curious by nature and I’m good with my hands. So whenever I have a chance, I make interesting inventions. Sometimes, very rarely, my inventions cause accidents and Aromi makes fun of me, but I never give up. Because I’m Cocomong~ the genius, the most awesome, the king of inventions!! What? Virus King has come to conquer Cing-Cing Village? As long as I, the genius inventor Cocomong is here, he can dream on~!



My name is Halley, and I come from Titan, one of Saturn’s moons. I can’t speak your language, but I can understand everything you say. So if we meet, please say hi and talk with me. My mother, father and I were living happily together while protecting 3 Star Gems that have amazing powers when, suddenly, Virus King and his gang appeared. They wanted to steal the gems to do evil! In the end, 2 of the Star Gems were taken, and my parents were captured by Virus King. Thankfully, on Earth, the place that I crash landed on, I found the great inventor Cocomong and his good friends who could help me. Mom…Dad! We’re coming to rescue you~~


I’m Robocong, the multi-combo robot that the great inventor Cocomong made! What’s a multi-combo robot, you ask? It means that I can combine with anything and become something else. Combine me with a water tank and I become a fire-dousing fire truck, or combine me with a pair of wings and I become a supersonic airplane. So it’s my duty to save Cing-Cing Village whenever Virus King and his gang put the village in danger. But that’s not all I do. When the 3 Cong brothers are bored I become a banana boat and play with them. I even help take care of the vegetables and fruits by combining with a hoe, a shovel, and a pick-axe. Whenever I eat the fresh vegetables and delicious fruits my Cing-Cing Village friends have grown I get a boost of strength and power. Off I go to protect Fresh Energy levels~ GO GO!


Aromi, the egg-bunny who loves flowers. Kaero, the carrot-donkey who enjoys singing and dancing. Padak, the green onion-chicken who’s a bit excitable but kind. Agle, the cucumber-alligator who’s mature and good at cooking. Doori, the radish-hippo who’s kind-hearted and loves to draw. And finally, the troublemakers Doocong, Saecong, and Naecong, the pea-raccoons who look similar but are very different. We all live happily together in Cing-Cing Village of Fresh World. Virus King does cause problems for us sometimes, but with Cocomong and Robocong around there’s nothing to fear!



I am the great Virus King! I, along with my subordinates Candy-pow, the candy-cat, and Potato-pow, the potato-beaver make fright~ful inventions every day in order to create my Virus Kingdom. I can’t be satisfied with just conquering Fresh World. With the help of the Star Gems’ powers on Titan I will make the universe my Virus Kingdom! But…why? Why is it that whenever I’m about to do something Cocomong and his tin can robot show up to foil my plans??

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